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The 5 Step Plan That Every LEADER Needs!

Being a leader requires a lot more than professional skills and decision-making capability! It requires you to plan ahead – in a strategic manner.

As a professional leadership coach who likes to deep-dive into the minds of my clients, I have realized that there are 5 core aspects that help leaders set a path towards success.


Firstly, you need to find out what drives you. You need to take a closer look at your inner self and figure out your purpose. Once you are sure about what you want to achieve, you will be able to find the path toward progress.

While this may sound simple, finding a personal compass can be often difficult for professionals with a ton of responsibilities. As a Coach, I help my clients realize their inner-self.


Once you have found what your heart wants, it is time to take it into the real world and create a long term strategy i.e. a forward looking ambitious goal inline with your core. It can be something as abstract as making the world a better place to something more directional such as taking an entrepreneurial plunge in five years.

Developing a sound strategy toward progress is a surefire way of achieving it!


Now that your long-term plan is set, you need to create short-term actions that will help fulfill your goals.

Starting from everyday actions to weekly goals, and then monthly goals, to achieving your final target creates a mindset of a seasoned leader. You need to approach the actionable path one step at a time. While your sight should not waiver from the final goal at hand, ensuring short-term actions will be the means of getting there.


There is a saying that if you can’t track it, there is no progress.

And this is very true! Every step that you take towards your final goal should have counters that you keep a track of.

If this sounds confusing, you can always get in touch with me to discuss what kind of trackers one can set up to monitor their progress. Tracking progress objectively is best viewed from a distance with a third eye; hence it is important that you have an unbiased accountability partner before going forward in this journey.


It is often our experience that the path we choose doesn’t always remain the same over time.

But, this does not mean that you need to start all over again. No matter what path you are on, you will always be able to adapt yourself to ensure that you reach your goals. You should always have a bird’s eye view of your journey (which I can help you achieve) and choose future paths based on the same.

These 5 core steps have really helped my clients stay motivated and continue on their journey towards progress; even during the most difficult times. I hope they help you in some way too!

As always, reach out for any queries and I will be happy to strike up a conversation!

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