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All my services interpret a meticulous step-by-step procedure towards a single intention; Finding your leadership purpose. Specifying the complications, establishing ingenious solutions and putting up with critical actions to achieve your objectives. Some of my services are-:

1 on 1 Coaching 

Covers all dimensions of leadership from "LEADING SELF to LEADING OTHER". Depending on where you are in your professional journey, leadership coaching can get you great benefits. 

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Emerging Leaders

If you are an Emerging Leader progressing into a leadership role, coaching can help you adapt faster to your new role and responsibilities without too much hassle.


Why this?

  • Helps you seize leadership opportunities faster 

  • Build the foundation to your leadership skills

  • Better prepare yourself for your next role

  • Increase your sphere of influence 

  • Build trust and build your brand

Senior Leaders

If you have already been in a leadership role and are looking for faster progress or to overcome a plateau, Coaching can help to validate your journey to become an inspiring leader.

Why this?

  • Stimulate your growth

  • Recognizing your limiting beliefs that may be impeding your progress

  • Assists you take a fresh look at an old challenge to increase self-awareness and be prepared for the next challenge

  • Enhance your sphere of influence.

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Other services –

Product Management Mentor 

Want to transition into a Product Management role? Do or Want to grow further in the Product Management track.

Then you are at the right place. Helping you comprehend the various dimensions and navigate your journey much more effectively. The idea will be to develop a Product Mindset and focus on the realms of product strategy.

Why this?

  • Upskill yourself on Product Life Cycle

  • Up-skilling yourself on Product Life Cycle 

  • Advice on switching career tracks and progressing in your PM journey.

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