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my methodology.

Closing the distance between dreams and reality.

“Coaching works” - I am of the firm belief that each person on this planet can benefit from Coaching. Over the years, I am yet to experience a situation where coaching has not served its purpose.
I follow a result-oriented 4 step process from self-discovery to action:


 Rapport Building

The first and imperative part of the process. This session is focused on the most important aspect Of leadership coaching - building a rapport and establishing trust with the leader. This helps in aligning the approach of the coaching engagement.

Business Meeting
Business Meeting


Align AoGs

Using scientific methodologies, I work with the leader to identify their Areas of Growth. Once aligned, this becomes our goal for the coaching engagement and helps the equation to get momentum.

Growth Sessions


Finding the potential within. These sessions are concentrated on encouraging the leader to follow a path of self-discovery. Leveraging numerous coaching techniques, I help leaders find a way forward towards their goals with clarity in thought and action.

Business Meeting
Business Meeting



Growth is a lifelong pursuit, but, in this step, we reflect on the identified growth areas of the leaders and celebrate their leadership transformation throughout this leg of the journey. 

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