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Business Leadership Coaching India

Discover the leader within.

Helping professionals in all capacities identify & sharpen their intrinsic leadership behaviour, enabling them to motivate themselves and maximize their leadership impact; achieving their personal & professional goals – exclusively & promptly. 

- with Mayank Rastogi, 

Coach  |  Mentor  |  Advisor

You become what you believe

Expanding self-awareness and propelling transformational shifts to help you establish new sensibilities.

Translating your vision into reality

Recognizing the barriers and establishing innovative antidotes to taking spirited actions and help you accomplish personal and professional objectives. 

About Me.

Following your pursuit, action by action!

Leadership Development Coaching India

With extensive exposure and years of experience in Leadership & Talent enablement at one of the top 3 strategy consulting firms, I have helped mid-management, C level executives and Entrepreneurs to help them enhance their leadership presence and to fast-track their growth, career or life. 

I have been through a leadership journey that some of you are in currently and have coached & mentored others to tackle various career challenges. As an ICF certified coach, I truly believe in the power of coaching to fast track your personal and professional development.


My work experience entails  15+ years of global experience across the US, EU and Asia as a business leader. I have worked across multiple industries & domains like Aerospace, Digital Products, Strategy Consulting.



All my services interpret a meticulous step-by-step procedure towards a single intention; Finding your leadership purpose.


1 on 1 Coaching 

Covers all dimensions of leadership from "LEADING SELF to LEADING OTHER". Depending on where you are in your professional journey, leadership coaching can get you great benefits. 

Emerging Leaders

If you are an Emerging Leader progressing into a leadership role, coaching can help you adapt faster to your new role and responsibilities without too much hassle.


Why this?

  • Helps you seize leadership opportunities faster 

  • Build the foundation to your leadership skills

  • Better prepare yourself for your next role

  • Increase your sphere of influence 

  • Build trust and build your brand

Senior Leaders

If you have already been in a leadership role and are looking for faster progress or to overcome a plateau, Coaching can help to validate your journey to become an inspiring leader.

Why this?

  • Stimulate your growth

  • Recognizing your beliefs that may be impeding your progress

  • Assists you take a fresh look at an old challenge to increase self-awareness and prepare for the next step

  • Enhance your sphere of influence.

Product Management Mentoring

I have spent my life in the world of products so I also coach & mentor individuals who want to transition into a Product Management role or want to grow further in an established product management career.

Why this?

  • Upskill yourself on Product Life Cycle

  • Advice on switching career tracks and progressing in your PM journey.

Why Leadership Coaching?

Transitioning from pursuit into verity.

Young Leaders have a lot to do today. They have the power to create and recognize new probabilities.
Coaching enables access to develop mindsets and hypotheses that encourage leaders to

cultivate a precarious and unpredictable life.


Through coaching, leaders discover who they are, where they are in their leadership journey, where they want to reach and how to get there. Professionals at all levels leverage leadership skills in some facet of their lives irrespective of their title. 

Whether you are a leader by title or a leader in waiting – coaching enables you to break through the challenges you encounter in your journey and become an inspiring and authentic leader. 

Everyone has inherent leadership abilities – coaching takes you through an adventure of self-discovery to uncover those inherent skills and identify your areas of growth. Thus, achieving greater clarity and focus to achieve your  ultimate goals.

As a leader, you not just lead your team or business, but you lead them in the right direction. A leader devises effective strategies to achieve key business goals – coaching helps you improve your ability to build and implement effective strategies.

My Methodology.

My methodology

Closing the distance between dreams and reality.

“Coaching works” - I believe that each person on this planet can benefit from Coaching. Over the years, am yet to experience a situation where
coaching has not served its purpose.

I follow a result-oriented 4 step process from self-discovery to action :


Rapport Building

The first and imperative part of the process. This session is focused on the most important aspect Of leadership coaching - building a rapport and establishing trust with the leader. This helps in aligning the approach of the coaching engagement.


Align AoGs

Using scientific methodologies, I work with the leader to identify their Areas of Growth. Once aligned, this becomes our goal for the coaching engagement and helps the equation to get momentum.


Growth Session

Finding the potential within. These sessions are concentrated on encouraging the leader to follow a path of self-discovery. Leveraging numerous coaching techniques, I help leaders find a way forward towards their goals with clarity in thought and action.



Growth is a lifelong pursuit, but, in this step, we reflect on the identified growth areas of the leaders and celebrate their leadership transformation throughout this leg of the journey. 

Success Stories

Success Stories.

What makes Mayank a great coach is his ability to listen. He listens very keenly and gently guides his clients to discover insights and solutions. No matter how big your goals or issues are, he will help you resolve then using a smooth and simple approach.

- CEO & Founder, Tech Start-

Mayank is a great coach who helped me realize my blind spots, he knows when to listen patiently & when to encourage you to dig deeper. This experience has helped me both personally and professionally.

- Sr. Director, EU, ITES

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